Fugro Surveys

Optimised Space Usage Office Fitout

We worked with Fugro Surveys, supplied a basic plan layout after discussions with our client, this is a good starting point to show space usage. We suggested low height gyprock walls, finished with capping and frosted glass for the work station areas, with full hight office fronts for privacy and spacious outlook

We are committed to Maximising finishes and Minimising costs.

Commercial Office Fitouts

Commercial office fit-outs designed to meet your requirements, shire requirements, your budget and your time frame.   M+M…Minimising Cost + Maximising Finishes

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Dental Fitouts

Our Dental fitouts are designed to council requirements. We work with the dental technician to ensure your practice is personally suited to your requirements. M+M…Minimising Cost + Maximising Finishes

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Medical Fitouts

We have experience in Doctors , physiotherapist ,orthodontists, periodontists and oncology works and with our experienced associates we will listen to your needs and deliver on time and on budget. M+M…Minimising Co

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